Glenvale Christian School – Prep & Year 1 Building

This school campus is located on the western edge of the Toowoomba city boundary and at the gateway to the West Toowoomba – Wellcamp – Charlton growth corridor. This was the school’s first permanent building in its planned growth to include a second stream.

The site of the school is not exactly ideal. It is steep, slopes to the west and in winter, is exposed to cold winds, while in summer bears the brunt of storms and hot dry winds.

The Client needed the building to be functional and adaptable for flexibility of learning. The indoor spaces were required to have the capacity to blend or divide to provide for a variety of group sizes. The outdoor spaces were required to be accessible from the indoors, providing connectivity to the environment whilst maintaining protection from the elements.

For our Client, this project was a realisation of the value of full design and project management. The project was delivered ahead of time and under budget, whilst integrating a separately funded civil design and construction project as well as the building.

QBDA Regional (South West Region) Awards 2016 – Winner Public Buildings