Pimm Residence

The 1950’s brick and tile home had previously undergone a number of alterations and additions that combined to leave this large house feeling cluttered and dysfunctional.

The Client brief was as simple as “make it work”.

With the exception of a requirement to retain the visual character of the house in the street scape we were given free reign to start again and start again we did.

The house was stripped to reveal the original core and then a modern interpretation of a functional home for a young family was applied.

The kitchen is central to modern family life and provides the point of connection between the living and dining areas, the outdoor spaces and the private bedroom wing. Formal spaces have been located adjacent to the front door and a strong linear connection was created through the outdoor living, dining and television area enabling this space to operate in full party mode or for just one person to watch television.

QBDA Regional (South West Region) Awards 2015 – Winner Residential Alterations / Additions Over $600,000 Construction Cost