QGC Gladstone

In October 2013 QGC opened their first operational site in the city of Gladstone, Central Queensland. The 2,000m2 Gladstone Supply Base is located on a reclaimed coastal estuary swamp opposite QGC's Curtis Island LNG production facility. StruXi Design was proud to provide building design services to this $7.5m project. The facility is now the control point for all equipment and materials going to and from QGC's LNG production plant on Curtis Island. The building, built by Hutchinson Builders, is also the staging area for maintenance activities and the storage of major spare parts and equipment.

Key design criteria centred around the incorporation of design elements that minimised building mass and ensured the building made a positive contribution to the streetscape. Vehicle accessibility and manoeuvrability requirements were also highly important to the successful delivery of this project. The steel portal framed storage warehouse and general office space was built using 2.5m concrete tilt panels to provide durability and promote construction efficiencies.