Mothers Day Classic Toowoomba | May 14th 2017

We have all been touched by cancer, whether directly, or indirectly. So we all have a reason to want better research, more chance for a cure, and increased awareness.

The Mother’s Day Classic event started in 1998 – starting as a simple walk in the park, and growing now into a major national community event, staged in most major cities and regional centres, including Toowoomba.

The idea inception came from Mavis Robertson, when, after witnessing a similar style event overseas, she spoke to Women In Super about holding a like-minded event in Australia. So a committee was formed, built on enthusiasm and sheer will-power, and the first events were held in Melbourne and Sydney.

Last year, more than 107,000 Australians participated in this amazing event, raising $3m for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, bringing the total of all monies raised to date up to $30.4m. What an amazing story.

Mother's Day Classic Toowoomba

At Struxi, we believe very strongly in supporting our community, and again this year, we are so proud to be a part of this fantastic event. So why don’t you get involved? The reasons to participate are all different, but everyone has a reason. So get started, and get a team ready to help support this extremely worthwhile cause. And guess what? It’s super easy!

This year it is being held on Sunday May 14 – so book it in your calendar right now.

All you need to do is firstly register yourself here, and follow the prompts. If you want to stay up to date with info, here is the link to the Mothers Day Classic Facebook page for you.

If you would like more info, we are more than happy to help where we can. Just get in touch.