Residential Energy Efficiency Reports

December 2, 2010

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Energy Efficiency has quickly become a significant factor in the construction of new residential and commercial buildings.  An energy efficient building can reduce energy costs, provide comfortable living and working areas, reduce our impact on strained electrical infrastructure, reduce our effect on the global environment and provide better investment and rental returns.

StruXi can provide advice on how to increase the energy rating of your new or existing residential property.

We not only complete energy efficiency reports for buildings we design, but also offer our services to building professionals and the general public for energy rating their designs or existing residential properties.


StruXi is Queensland certified to complete Energy Star Rating Reports for all Class 1 & 2 buildings, including houses, townhouses and apartments in high-rise buildings. 

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) mandates minimum energy efficiency requirements for the construction of new residential buildings.

Our team have a full understanding of sustainable design concepts that when coupled with the BERS Pro software tool (below), ensure our home designs exceed the requirements of the BCA and allow us to push the design limits early in the project with confidence that we will achieve the desired star rating at completion.

Increase your NEW home or investment property’s value!

Energy Star Rating Reports not only ensure your building meets the latest BCA requirements; they can actually increase the value of your home!  Sellers of residential properties have had to provide energy efficiency rating information to potential buyers when placing a house on the market.  Industry studies indicate there is a relationship between energy ratings of a house and its sale price. 

We can provide you with advice on how to exceed the energy efficiency requirements of the BCA, ensuring your new home or investment property surpasses potential buyer’s expectations and delivers an advantage over similar properties for sale or rent in the area.

The Federal Government is currently considering implementing mandatory energy efficiency disclosure rules nationwide.  With an Energy Star Rating Report completed now you can rest assured that your house will be competitive in the market place when these mandatory requirements are implemented.

Increase your EXISTING home or investment property’s value!

Although sustainable home design concepts have been available for many years, most buildings built prior to the mandatory energy efficiency regulations contain very little, or no sustainable design and energy efficiency measures.  Even some of the more recently refurbished homes do not provide adequate energy efficiency measures to ensure living area comfort and energy savings.

StruXi can complete an Energy Star Rating Report on your existing home or investment property and provide advice on how to increase the rating of the property which may increase future sale prices or rental returns.


The BERs Pro software itself is designed by Queensland’s own Dr Holger Willrath, a physicist who has been working in the renewable energy industry since the mid 70’s.  It is one of only three Star Rating software’s that are accredited under the National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) which is referenced by the BCA as the only rating scheme that can be used to show compliance.  All three rating software use the same rating engine developed by the CSIRO with only the user interface varying between each, so you can be assured that each software package will return the same result.

WAYS for rating energy efficiency

In 2003 the Building Code of Australia (BCA) began mandating minimum energy efficiency requirements for the construction of new residential buildings. Since then the requirements for energy efficiency have increased each year, slowly becoming more stringent in an attempt to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that Australians produce.  There are currently two ways (options) available for ensuring a new residential building complies with the energy efficiency requirements of the BCA. 

The first option is to use the ‘deemed to satisfy’ specification outlined in the BCA.  

The second option is to complete an Energy Star Rating Report and ensure the building meets the current minimum Star Rating set by each state government.  This second option which we use is the most efficient as the Energy Star Rating Report is calculated using energy rating software that models variables that the ‘deemed to satisfy’ specification does not take into account, such as shading, wall colours, thermal mass, specific building locations and comfortable temperatures during varying times of the year.